Anything Is Possible

Is It True: Anything is Possible?

Back in the day, when we plugged in the vacuum to the already stressed kitchen outlets, the fuse would blow. We would go downstairs and flip the switch and the connection was restored. The lights would come back on, the electrical devices would work and the clocks were reset.

A very similar thing happens in our body when stressors are too high. The lights dim or turn off, our devices (organs and systems) don’t work as well and things start to blink. The connection isn’t clear. The circuit breaker blew. Again.

Is that why I feel tired all the time? Is that why I struggle with focus and concentration? Is that why I feel overwhelmed and anxious? Is that why I hurt all the time? Is that why I (fill your own struggles in here) _________________________________)?

Yes, yes, and YES! There are too many stressors for your body to properly heal and work at 100%. When the circuit breaker blows, it muddles the signal between the brain and body. When the lights are dim in the room (or even off), can we ‘see’ properly?

It’s easy to think that our symptoms are ‘normal’. You keep telling yourself that this is just a stage. Get up, get ready for work, get kids up and off to daycare/school, pick kids up, make supper, run to activities, go to bed. And every night as you’re lying in bed, a feeling of guilt sets in. “Once again, I didn’t get my workout in. I’m behind on laundry. What’s for supper tomorrow night? Oh crap, I forgot my niece’s birthday. Blah, blah, blah.”

For another day, you choose to accept it, accept the hamster wheel called life.

NO, Don’t!

Don’t succumb. Don’t accept less than what you deserve. Don’t accept “half-ass”. Your life can be different. Get your circuit breakers checked, wherever you are. I can promise one thing: you will have a different perspective of your life when you leave. You will have an outlook that anything is possible if you believe. You will realize that anything is possible if you have hope. Truly, anything is possible when you make that choice and take the first step.

Ask for help (kind of tough for us, isn’t it?). Call me, email me, text me.

I want you to see your own light. And step back to watch sparks fly. It really is possible!

To all possibilities,

Dr. T


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