Are You a Bloodsucker?

The informal definition of bloodsucker is “a person who extorts money or otherwise lives off other people.”

I see these people sit in the passenger seat or being the proverbial back seat driver. This is likely to happen in all parts of your life: your relationship, work, family, and health.

The time is now. 

Take full responsibility for every part of our life, everything. Think of a time in your work where the result would have changed if you would have gotten in the driver’s seat.

What would your health look like if you would take 100% responsibility for every decision you’ve made?

What would your financial life look like if you weren’t the bloodsucker and didn’t live off your company, your boss, your team…yet not be fully responsible for your contribution to the team, your community, the world?

If you’ve ever wondered why your results aren’t where they are, look in the mirror. Ask yourself where you’re not happy with your life and take FULL responsibility. Buy your own car and drive it. Don’t feed off others and surely don’t expect your life to be what you want because you haven’t spent time designing it.

Your current life is a direct reflection of your choices and the level of responsibility you’ve chosen. Choose to create an amazing life. Not just “have” one.

Don’t just ride in the passenger seat and observe, or worse be the backseat driver.

LIVE. What you have created.

The time is now. 

Dr. Tiffany


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