Are you hiding behind the keyboard?

I go in streaks on Facebook and have been on a dry spell.

Sometimes it’s a platform I learn from and connect with and sometimes I fall into Comparitis, then shut down. Not really on the personal side as I’ve seen a bazillion incongruencies in people.

But in business.

Because real people are running businesses.

One of my mantras when I graduated from chiro school was “fake it ‘til you make it”. That served its purpose to get out of my comfort zone, but when you’ve “faked it” for 5, 10 or 20 years and now you don’t know who you freaking are, we have a problem.  Or maybe in that time, you’ve built up such a wall of how you ‘should behave’ that you don’t even know what you want or like anymore.

A story for a different time as I realized that was me 8 years ago.

I have friends who act insecure and passive face to face, but are sooo (can you see my eye roll) confident behind the monitor and keyboard. Doesn’t your conscience bitch slap you? And then I’m reminded that we are a disconnected society and are not aware of our own thoughts, behaviors and actions. Instead, we are evaluating everyone else’s and determining if they’re right or wrong. How can we even do that for someone else? Especially when the lens that we’re looking through is gray and dull, a surefire way to know you won’t see love, goodness and light when you look through them.

Then there’s the opposite – the happy, confident person face to face but are negative and critical about people, politics and religion. They share a bunch of sites and posts from gurus that have 1-sided perspectives and tend to seemingly place blame and “educate”. It doesn’t mean we need to agree, but if you’re 1-sided about a situation, expect another 1-sided person to challenge you.

It’s been so confusing to observe this.

Enter AWARENESS…not my circus, not my monkeys. Positively, observing this can either fuel you to give more and be better or step away to reflect. Negatively, observing this can either trigger a strong opinion that you feel needs to be defended or make you fear standing out to share a voice.

Wherever you are – face to face or behind the keyboard – be consistent. Be real. Be raw, if you want, in order to help others.

And be that same person in real life.

After all of this venting, I will keep the GoPro on my head with the light always on so it shines a path for ME to walk along, whether in the light or in the darkness, because the follower needs a leader.

Dr. T

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