Are your kids waiting for the trophy?

Ribbons. Trophies. Pat on the back. Congratulations. Compliments.

I’ve written a lot about this over the years of being a parent and coach. The difference in 20 years is crazy, but this is more than a “participation ribbon rant”! I believe we can be better as leaders in our family and community. Kids seem to be focused more on Accolades and Accomplishments than Contribution and Service – whether to their family, team, church group, work. The expectation to receive before giving seems to be glaringly obvious.

If they do their best, but didn’t win – is that good enough?
Are they more interested in winning the race instead of finishing the race?
Do they long to get the attention of others or be better than yesterday?
Do they try only if they’re confident they’ll succeed?

I’m curious to know,
“What if we rewarded Character instead of the Outcome in winning and losing, passing and failing?”
“What if we taught them Growth (stepping out of their comfort zone) instead of Certainty?”

That means we need to live it first. Once they see it, they can’t unsee it. Once they learn it, they can’t unlearn it.

Let’s do it together!

Dr. T

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