Beckam’s Story: A Smile Says it All

People are often surprised when I share that much of my practice consists of babies and children. In one recent blog post, “The Best Part of Being a Doctor: A Newborn’s First Chiropractic Adjustment”, I vowed to share with every parent why I believe their child should be adjusted within the first days of life. While not everyone chooses to follow-through on my recommendations, the ones who do make me forever grateful that I made that promise, and I’m confident the babies will be glad, too, once reaching an age where they can fully appreciate the gift.

I was recently reminded again of why I made this promise. I’ve seen many a child crying in pain and discomfort, too many parents at their wits-end from emotional stress and financial strain, and more than a few MD’s whose best advice is to let them outgrow the problem. One such child was Beckam and below is his story as told by his beautiful and loving momma…

Beckam Mark was born on November 3, 2011. We had waited so long to start our family and were so excited to meet and get to know this little miracle; a miracle that had already brought so much joy into our lives. The first few days with Beckam were wonderful and from what I’ve read ‘normal’. He slept, ate, and pooped.

After the first few days, things changed. Beckam began having horrible tummy aches, was constipated, needed to be held 24 hours a day, and just seemed uncomfortable. We were not able to set him down for even a few minutes without it resulting in screaming. Beckam would cry at night for hours and was not easily consoled by anyone or anything.

We sought medical advice immediately. We tried gas drops, gripe water, water, diluted juice, four different types of formula (both dairy and soy), four different bottles, wrapping Beckam tightly, keeping Beckam upright, different cribs, burping frequently, etc. I read book after book searching for an answer. You name it, we tried it. Some of these changes helped for a day or a few hours, but did not make any overall improvement.

We were told Beckam had possible food sensitivities, reflux, and colic. We were told that this was typical of a baby during the first weeks of life and that parents are in survival mode. As first time parents, we were beyond exhausted and felt so helpless. Watching your child scream day after day in pain and not knowing what is wrong or how to help is the worst feeling. What we did know was that this is not ‘normal’.

After several weeks of attempting to find a solution (that cost a ridiculous amount of money with no success), we reached out to Dr. Tiffany Johnson at Healing Touch Chiropractic. The second we walked into the office we knew we were in a good place…a very calming environment with friendly faces and good energy. On our first visit, the nervous system scan confirmed what we had been seeing over the past two months. Beckam’s poor little nervous system needed some attention. It all made sense.

After that first adjustment, everything changed. Beckam slept without being held that night and didn’t cry himself to sleep. After 2-3 adjustments, we finally got to meet our happy little guy who had been so uncomfortable for two months. He smiles constantly and eats, sleeps, and poops normal!!! We see Dr. Tiffany at least 2 times a week now. We can even start to tell when Beckam is in need of an adjustment just by a change in his typical behavior.

I can’t say enough positive things about our chiropractic experience with Healing Touch Chiropractic and Dr. Tiffany. She has provided us with such valuable information for living a healthier lifestyle and she continues to challenge me to learn more, research more, think more…to make the best choices possible when it comes to the health of my son and family. I think back to that first time Dr. Tiffany held Beckam in her hands and it brings tears to my eyes. Dr. Tiffany gave us the opportunity to finally meet our son…and he is so full of life.

Jaime, mother of Beckam (5 months)

While I’m always touched when a parent shares how much chiropractic has meant to them and their child, I really do it for the kids. While they may be too young to say thank you, offer a compliment, or put their story in writing, there’s gratitude there just the same. You can see it in their smile.

Dr. Tiffany

Proud to be a pediatric chiropractor!

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