The Best Piece of Advice

Gavin asked me last night what the best piece of advice I’ve ever received was. EVER! After a few minutes of thinking about what I’ve thought about the most, it was easy to share the story.

I was preparing to present about 9-10 years ago and after hours of prep, the Powerpoint created (gross, I hated those!), materials ready I was sharing my feelings to my mentor. Dang, I was nervous and I told her all about how I felt (that is the first step, right, to be aware?!?!). She paused for a moment on the phone and then said, “Wow, you’re a selfish witch, that starts with a B.”


Silence. For a long time (that sure doesn’t happen often)…

“Who, me? I’m a selfish witch?”

Laughing, she said…”Well, I got your attention now, right? When you’re presenting, is it not about you, it’s about them. Focus on how you’re going to impact their life, how you’re going to inspire them, how you’re going to change how they think. If you are so concerned with how you feel, you’ve got it wrong.”

Got it, point taken. I have used this example 100’s of times with others and think about it at least every week at some point – whether it’s a reflection of me or in leading others.

Nobody wants to be called the “selfish witch”! Change your focus. Shift your intention. Watch your energy change as you give THEM what they need and put yourself aside.

Go get ‘em!

Dr. T

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