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I love my podcast, but my true love is for the written word. Journaling is a huge part of this journey, and this is mine. You can always count on straight-shootin’ messages coming directly from my heart, and always with a dose of giggles. Join the wild ride that is The Aligned Life Voice.

Fear Can’t Be Trusted 

Oh, the thoughts that consume our mind.                  But are they real?  Is this you?  Afraid to be seen.   Afraid to be alone.   Afraid to speak your truth.   Afraid of confrontation.  Afraid of new things.  Afraid to start, afraid to not finish.  Afraid to say no.  Afraid when your kids mess up.   Afraid to disagree. ...

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Take the Next Right Action

If you feel like throwing in the towel, If you’re struggling on where you belong, If you’re not sure you’re on the right path, If you’ve lost your health, If you’ve lost hope, If you’ve lost YOU, …take the NEXT RIGHT ACTION. And do it over and over until it’s boring. Because success is boring....

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A few days after our tropical, blissful vacation a few months ago, I got “sick”. Severe stomach pain and the runs with anything that I ate or drank. Similar to the flu, but no fever and no stomach pains unless I ate. This, for 10 days. (insert eye roll) I was going through my internal...

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Symptoms are LIARS

You think you have a slipped disc in your low back. You’ve checked Google, multiple youtube videos, talked to your friend who knows this well and your parents who have heard millions of these stories. Or maybe you wrote into your myChart to #askadoc and it was suggested (without xrays, CT or MRI). You don’t...

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Desperation: your biggest motivation

I was talking to a friend last summer about motivation. About drive. About doing whatever it takes – in particular in building a practice. But what I’ve realized is my ability to build a practice was built on my drive to contribute to humanity, be a pillar in my practice, help my community and make...

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Toxic Positivity – Part 2 – Show up as you

Defined: The push for a mental state in which we only experience and show “positive” emotions.  Omg, how exhausting would that be. One of my last pieces I wrote was about Toxic Positivity. Words kept spewing out of my mouth, so I decided to write a few more thoughts. I see Toxic Positivity show up consistently...

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just think positive

Does this sound like you? “Only positive thoughts. It could be worse. I should just be thankful. Just be happy!” Whether those words are thought to yourself or out loud, do you think it will make you or your bestie feel better? Things like: “this too shall pass” or “think happy thoughts!” or “focus on...

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19 Lessons – Make Your Own List

The things I’ve learned over the last 14 years: Bigger is not better. Looking back to see what has changed, many will admit they have more stuff, less time to enjoy it and more stress to keep it. Making people feel “safe and at home” are still the most important. Social media can get our...

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Is NUMBness your safety net?

I was depressed. 16 years old. I remember being in the counselor’s office being scared but mostly uncomfortable. I had made some poor choices and I wasn’t happy. From the outside though, it sure looked like life was perfect – amazing family willing to do whatever it takes, hard-working parents who gave everything they had...

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“I’m lucky, I’ve never needed a Chiropractor.” But are you?

“I’m lucky, I’ve never needed a Chiropractor.” This statement used to make me mad. You could imagine some snarky comment under my breath to try to prove my point that it’s so.much.more. Then I realized that people have no clue what Chiropractic is. Because everywhere you look, there’s a billboard/ad/marketing ploy on Chiropractic AND Pain....

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Creating boundaries with love

I asked my HTC tribe what they LOVE about us over the last 14 years: Going above and beyond and knowing each person individually. It’s so amazing to know that you feel how we strive you to feel: LOVED, appreciated, accepted for who you are. And then this question was asked: “How do you see...

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The dreaded bull in a china shop

Known as being a “bull” for the majority of my adulthood, I started to believe that was my personality. Thankfully, because of a bazillion lessons and mentors, I’ve learned the difference between being BOLD and being a BULL. One is bravery and courage and one is protection (of my ego). Ever been called these? “She...

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