When a Breakthrough is Near…Keep Going.

When you think you can’t take another step, pick up your foot. When you think you’re going to suffocate, take a breath. When you think you’re alone, call your mom.

I can see you:

you’re holding on for dear life.
you’re pushing, trying to get through.
you’re up to your eyeballs with everything
you’re in a hamster wheel
you’re not sleeping
you’re not motivated
you’re annoyingly sensitive and emotional
you’re scared, mad, sad, angry, weak, flat

…but you don’t know why.

What if you

let go instead of hold on?
pull instead of push?
trust instead of control?
know that this is happening FOR you instead of TO you?

You are close. Close to breaking through the old you to CREATE a more aligned version of you. Instead of white knuckle-ing it, release. Instead of worrying, trust. Know that God is all knowing and all loving so when you surrender, you will feel love, support, safety.

Trust. Embrace. Embody.

This change, this breakthrough, is FOR you.

Dr. T

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1 comment on “When a Breakthrough is Near…Keep Going.

  1. Connie Caspers says:

    Profoundly perfect read!!! Exactly what I needed to hear. My word of the year is: SURRENDER. Be blessedly what u do dear Tiff! xxoo

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