Shine, Baby, Shine

As the 4th of July nears, I’m usually thinking about the lake, family and friends. I’m helping my mom get the menus ready that appeals to both adults and our kids. When I sat down to write, I was thinking about what inspires me to write. One of them was music lyrics. I came across…

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Look In The Mirror, Then Straighten Your Crown

Over the course of 10 years, hundreds have asked me why I became a Chiropractor. What choices led me here. Up until a few years ago, my response was, “Because I love to help people.” Then I had an AHA moment that Chiropractic chose me. Chiropractic is, in its purest of definition: “Unleashing the full…

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From Thinking to Feeling: How to Transform Your Life

This blog is inspired by a friend who asked me this question today: “Tiff, how did you get through the difficult moments when life wasn’t always going smoothly?”  That spurred so many things. It was a moment that I realized how far I’ve come and more importantly, I have taken some time to reflect on the…

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