Kids and Headaches: Relief and Prevention

One of my biggest goals is for families not to immediately reach into the medicine cabinet. One of my biggest missions is to teach parents what is going on with their kid. Headaches are considered normal because they’re so common. I don’t agree.

Barring a rare medical problem, headaches are an issue in the NECK.

From in utero to delivery to childhood, stress on the neck is a major factor. When the flow between the brain and the body is disrupted, symptoms manifest, such as headaches.

We’ve talked about the gas pedal and brake pedal in our body, similar to our car. When the gas pedal is stuck, we call that a ‘subluxation’ – a disruption between the flow in your brain to the rest of your body. That affects your muscles, blood vessels and nerves, which become constricted, irritated and tense.  The problem is in the NECK, so dutifully, we look to the neck first.

Posture is another factor. One inch of forward head posture is going to put an additional 10lbs of pressure on the neck. The more a child slouches or doesn’t maintain proper posture, the more pressure they’re putting on the neck.

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