Chiropractic 101: Why it Works

Someone asked me again a few weeks ago, “Does Chiropractic actually work?” I followed up with, “Yes, EVERY time.”

Ask why Chiropractic Adjustment works, not ‘if’.

Observing a bit of a smirk mixed with a ‘wow, you’re kind of cocky’ look, I replied with, “My intention is to unleash the disconnect between the brain and the body through the Chiropractic Adjustment. When I do that and trust that innate will do its job, it does exactly that…it heals. Elimination of symptoms does not determine if the adjustment worked. It works every time.”

When we can relate the nervous system to all of our symptoms, it becomes easier to understand.

The brain is connected to the spinal cord and nerves are an extension of the spinal cord. The skull protects the brain, the spine connects the spinal cord. When you hear the bones or joints crack, and the pain diminishes, we’ve just aligned those protective spaces to get at the nervous system underneath, releasing the interference to establish better flow and communication.

An Adjustment makes way for your body to heal itself.

There are three common reasons I see people, and this is how they are connected to the spine:

Cervical symptoms – adjusting the neck and head helps the brain, eyes, ears, nose and throat communicate, helping moodiness, headaches, recurring illnesses, allergies and more.

Thoracic – adjusting the back and trunk boosts communication between your lungs, heart and digestion. It alleviates symptoms such as asthma, recurring lung infections, high blood pressure and heart conditions, heartburn or reflux.

Lumbar – adjusting the pelvic area, legs and lower helps remove interference to your digestive system, reproductive system, legs and feet. It can help with sex drive, conception, digestive issues, or recurring illnesses

Here’s to learning about “Why” Chiropractic works, not “If”.

Dr. T

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