From Bump to Baby: Why Chiropractic is Key

There’s lots of health challenges going on for children, and so many of our kids are on a slippery slope. Having a pediatric practice and seeing firsthand these numbers, I’m interested in the WHY behind it.

From pregnancy to birth and beyond, our children are faced with toxic environments.

There are many speculations of the increase in developmental delays and chronic sickness in kids and it is clear that part of this has to do with our toxic load, from mom and dad passed to child and all of the toxins that go into a child – vaccinations, medications, antibiotics, food, water, the list goes on.

From contraceptives to stress load, women carry a heavy burden on their shoulders. Dr. Tiffany recommends ending your cycle of contraceptives six months prior to trying to become pregnant. In addition, decreasing stress during pregnancy with meditation and yoga can be beneficial. And seeking chiropractic treatment, of course, helps the body heal from the inside.

It is imperative that getting pregnant is a ‘couples job’ as the health of the fetus is determined on the health of the cells dividing. It’s just as important we figure out how to get the right nutrients into mom and decrease the toxic load on her system. This includes pre-pregnancy preparation via the mind-body connection.



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