Control what you can control

Control what you can control.


Some of you may know, I’m sensitive to noises. Especially mouth noises. And holy buckets, I become quite annoyed, like nails on a chalkboard or even worse, licking cardboard. Ewww…

As I’m sitting in Starbucks writing I’m wishing for a quiet environment and one that looks different than my home office (because ya, I have 15 blogs that are started. Daunting, yes.). And just like mouth noises being noisy and highly irritating, people talking when it’s “supposed to be quiet” does the same. Don’t they understand?


So instead of letting my imbalanced, all about me alpha personality come out or take over my “concentration”, I focus on what I can control. I control MY state. Thank you, Craig. His memos to me are frequent reminders: “focus on what you’re doing, not what they’re doing and control what you can control”.


When we allow our external environment to control our thoughts, beliefs and actions, we become reactive and a victim of our circumstance. If your environment triggers an emotional response (fear, sadness, anger, grief, agitation), it is coming up from your past. Your reality, then becomes what’s in the moment because the brain isn’t trained to control your state, to elicit a different memory than the past one.

Train your brain to respond differently, to control your state. Get Adjusted.

Cheers from Starbucks and thank God for over the ear headphones and Calm music to help me control my state.

Dr. T

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