CONVICTION = Exhaustion

As a recover(ing) people pleaser, a woman good with her words – and “gets her way” often, I can tell you alllllll about this. I will share first though: the ONLY person you are hurting is YOU.

Who in your life are you trying to convince to believe what you believe? Who are convincing to do what you want them to do? Who are you convincing to feel something they don’t feel?

And how does that feel? When I read those questions, my tummy feels anxious and it bubbles up in my throat – like I want to say, “STOP!”


Release. Detach. Replace love with fear.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you afraid of?
  2. How will their behavior and choices affect you?
  3. Why do you care so much?

What would happen if you allowed what is to be, to be? What would happen if you trusted God and allowed to live in Love, not Fear. What would happen if you continue to speak your truth, not to have the pressure for others to believe, praise and follow you, but have them trust in themselves to do what’s best for them? And to love and respect you, even if they believe differently.

This lesson took me a long time and as I mentioned, I’m recovering. I once thought if you released the control of one’s thinking, it meant you turned your back and didn’t care (fear). I once thought that if someone didn’t believe, do or feel what I feel that they were wrong or I was wrong (fear). I once thought that when I feel that resistance in my tummy and throat, that I’m supposed to push through that (fear).


Why? Because it feels bad. And that’s the only explanation you need. You are the master of your body, mind and heart.

Release. Detach. Love.

Dr. T

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