Creating boundaries with love

I asked my HTC tribe what they LOVE about us over the last 14 years: Going above and beyond and knowing each person individually. It’s so amazing to know that you feel how we strive you to feel: LOVED, appreciated, accepted for who you are. And then this question was asked:

“How do you see so many people, know them personally, yet still have boundaries?”

  • By leaning in.
  • Knowing what makes you tick (your values).
  • Clear communication and expectations.
  • Following through on the expectations stated above.
  • Distinguishing your energy from my energy (the most difficult).
  • Challenging you to expect more of yourself.

I didn’t always communicate clearly or set strong boundaries as I was the people please-r, blame-r, not take full responsibility-er and the avoid conflict-er. And it took me a few years to differentiate my energy from yours – to be able to step out of my energy field to work in yours while adjusting (psst, this is how I know how you feel before touching you ❤). THAT is the #1 reason that I can see so many people, know you personally yet still have boundaries.

But what I have gained is 1000’s of families that I could call my own and OMG, I’m grateful for you teaching and leading me to be better for you and your family.

Dr. T

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