Depth = Connection

The #1 reason women are struggling in their life. Connection to yourself and connection to other women.

We have so much width in our life:

  • Time – running late, speeding, tired, making excuses, “busy”
  • People – we want to be everything to everyone, to please, to be liked
  • Work – full of task lists and not enough purpose
  • Relationships – making time for those who don’t matter and too busy for those who do
  • Health – dabbling in a bunch of quick tips and tricks, yet never mastering one
  • You – always learning new things until it gets uncomfortable, then moving on to something else

Depth is defined as ‘the point far below the surface’.

Where in your life do you need more meaning/purpose and less “scaling the surface”? Where do you need more real, less fake ***hint: social media***? Where do you need more accountability and less judgement? Where do you need more mentorship and less opinions? Where do you need more risk, less safety?

Strive for Mastership.

Strive for Wisdom.

Strive for Brilliance.

Because that, my friend, is Deep. It’s Real. It’s growth. And thank God, none of that is safe.

Dr. T

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