Do Not Waste What You Got

The 4 Minute Mile: A movie that my runner friend, Katie, suggested last year when helping our daughter move through the physical pain of Cross Country. We watched it as a family…in the dark, no popcorn, no phones and holy H.E.doublehockeysticks I stayed awake. That may be a record!  At the end of the movie when Drew’s older brother was found guilty of murder, his last words to him were:

“Do not waste what you got, Drew.”

My eyeballs were full of tears until they burst out while streaming down my checks and continued down my neck. Yikes, I guess that was my biggest lesson in this movie, but I have a bunch more that I think may inspire you.

Whether related to running and/or life, these were the 5 life lessons from Coach Coleman:

  1. Quit worrying about who you’re going to beat.
    • Focus on being your best and live with no regrets. Coach Coleman said, “If you quit today, you will hate yourself tomorrow.”
    • What in your life are you quitting at?
  2. You cannot run angry.
    • You cannot do anything well if you’re angry.
    • According to David Hawkins, the author of Power vs Force, every emotion has a vibration and our body absorbs whatever emotion we are feeling. The emotion with the lowest vibration level is Shame (20) and the emotion with the highest is Enlightenment (700-1000). He states that we have 2 transitions in life: Courage at 200 and Love at 500 and that 85% of humanity functions below the 200 level. More information is included in these 2 site: and
    • Where in your life do you feel shame, guilt, fear and anger? How can you replace those emotions with love, joy and peace?
  3. Embrace the pain and learn to push through it.
    • Afterall, the physical pain you feel is rarely physical. It’s mental. It’s that deep emotion, that deep fear buried in your heart. Deep in your soul. It’s your job to find it, face it and beat it.
    • Where in your body do you have physical pain? Ask yourself what emotion is related to that physical pain (check out Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Life).
  4. You need a lot of it to be a runner.
    • The definition of ‘Patience’ is: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Yes, to accept life without being angry or upset. To respond instead of react.
    • Where in your life are you lacking patience? Ask yourself WHY and go as deep as you can.
  5. Sometimes the hardest race of all is against yourself.
    • Ah, yes. It sure is. And what we are avoiding is the exact thing we need to bring a magnifying glass toward. The most common things that hold us back is Procrastination and Perfection. Both will stop us directly in our tracks. I recommend 2 Kundalini Yoga Kriyas: Ego Eradicator and The Meditation for Overcoming Addition. (There are several versions of each on YouTube). I suggest doing each of these for 3 minutes for 40 days. This is one example:
    • If you were your best friend, where in your life do you ‘talk back’ the most? Start there!

I guess this movie wasn’t just for them, but for me, too. It will help me to be a better person by evaluating my life and acting with inspiration. By being the role model to everyone else around me, especially the children in my life (our kids, nieces and nephews, patients and all others).

Go get what you’re chasing, because you “don’t want to waste what you got”.

In love, peace and joy,

Dr. Tiffany

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