I love perspective.

I was given a gift this week from a different perspective: Chiropractic is ‘unknown’. And worse than that, people may think it’s dangerous, scary, invasive.

Referred by many friends, she finally made the decision to “try Chiropractic”. She was terrified, poor thing. She had NO idea what we do, how we do it, why people do it and the miracles experienced every day. She gave me a gift when she sent this after her first experience:

80% of my pain is gone and my energy is coming back. Who are you?! Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful gift!

The world needs to know: EXPECT MIRACLES.

In the past, I would chalk these messages up to “no big deal, it’s Chiropractic” – I mean, we see miracles every day and I truly expect them with every person. But this time, it made me stop and think about what many others are thinking.

I am humbled. It has reminded me to observe how others look and feel. It was a reminder to never take for granted the gift that Chiropractic is. It was a reminder to always be brave, have courage when sharing stories that I experience in my practice. It was a reminder to never assume they know, even if they think they do. I call this a paradigm shift.

The world needs to know: EXPECT MIRACLES.

And we will lead it. I haven’t done my part to get my message out to the world, unabashedly. Instead, I have been caught up in thinking of what others will think of me (they think I’m cray-cray anyway), the fear I will say the wrong thing or step on someone’s toes or be a spectacle. Everyone has opinions which are created from their experiences, family and they don’t know any different than what they know…their paradigm. We can change it.

I’m sorry you have lost hope. I’m sorry you have lost yourself in the transition of life. I’m sorry you look at your life and wonder if it will ever be good, if you will ever find your purpose. I haven’t used my voice, I haven’t shared the miracles, the real-life stories, I haven’t shown up authentically me, with 100% certainty and confidence that every person on the planet needs to see a Chiropractor. If you’re local, call us.

The world needs to know: EXPECT MIRACLES. We are the answer.

I love all of you.

Dr. T

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