Does Passive = Going with the flow?

Being adaptable is not the same as sacrificing who you are for something or someone else. Going with the flow doesn’t mean someone grabbed your tongue or that you don’t have a voice or opinion. This may show up if you say yes to something that didn’t feel right and feel that pit in your stomach afterwards. Maybe there’s a person with a strong personality and when asked your opinion, you stay quiet to avoid conflict (but your  knew immediately). I’m sure you can think of 10 situations right now that you could have handled differently. 

 These situations take practice. I find this has helped me and others: 

  1. Stay connected to how you want to feel and be aware of how you feel right now.  
  2. Lean into uncomfortable situations and moments until you’re comfortable being uncomfortable. 
  3. Focus on what you can control (you) not how you perceive how everyone sees you.  

Passive is not the same as being relaxed/go with the flow/flexible. You get to choose today! 
Dr. T 

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