Don’t Make Me Your Drug.

Chiropractic is not a drug. Chiropractic is not a treatment. And the Chiropract-or is not performing the procedure for the treatment of some so-called diagnosis or condition that has defined you.

You’ve heard me say that the adjustment is Magic Sh!t. I have seen thousands of miracles. THOUSANDS. It is truly amazing and I’m definitely living my gift. But when people say that I am the miracle, the buck stops there.

I’m not. I’m not Superwoman. Nor do I want to me. I do not fix people, but instead I help them come alive. I do not treat people, but instead help them see that their body can heal. Can you imagine how stressed Superwoman feels thinking she needs to save everyone? Can’t they save themselves?

Just like how people view Superwoman, that’s how some see Chiropractic or Chiropractors = SAVING THE PEOPLE. So when your body feels good, I did my job and Chiropractic works? Or if your body feels like it got run over by a MAC truck, I didn’t do my job and Chiropractic doesn’t work?

Chiropractic works EVERY TIME.

Remember that our body is supposed to freaking heal! Healing happens on the inside. Not because of a drug. Not because of surgery. It starts on the inside.

Why do we not believe that simple premise: The body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism? Instead, people think being broken is normal. Feeling like crap is normal. Being diagnosed with a chronic disease is normal. WAKE UP!

Chiropractic helps you live to your potential. It creates light from darkness. It allows the beauty, strength, health and healing to come alive, to allow you to live whole, more freely and full of love. Is it a miracle for millions of people and families? Yes. But it is not a drug, so don’t make it one. Pull your own weight, be a partner in your health and in your life. Don’t blame the symptoms on anything other than your past choices and don’t expect results if you aren’t putting in the work.

If you want a quick fix, a drug, call your pharmacist. If you want a partner in your health and in your life, I’m your gal.

Dr. T

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