Earn the Flat Road

These words make me so proud.  

Earn ease after dis-ease. Earn the fruits after the labor. Earn the reward after the effort.  

I’m on our bike at home and the 4 minutes hill climb sucks: Resistance 55-65, Cadence 70-80. I’m halfway there and know that in 10 seconds Jenn is going to instruct to turn up the knob 5 more points. Oh.my.g. Only 2 MINUTES to go, I can do anything for 2 minutes. Or can I? 

Unworthy self talk: “Omg, screw you. I’m for sure going to die. This is impossible. How can my legs keep going? Shut up, Jenn, you’ve been doing this for 6 years, not 2 months. How deep is this mud that we are treading up this MOUNTAIN (not a North Dakota hill). Suck it up, Tiff.” 

Then she said it. EARN THE FLAT ROAD. 

Worthy self talk: “Hell yes! I can do it, I’ve done it a million times before. Work, then rest. Sacrifice, then reward. Push, then allow. Break through this resistance because it isn’t physical. It’s mental. 1 foot in front of the other.” 

If we don’t challenge ourselves, how do we get through the tough stuff in life – Loss, death, health challenges and trauma?   

Earn the flat road…but don’t stay there. Climb baby! 
Dr. T 

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