What if I told you, that inside of you there is a strong, beautiful, joyful, confident woman who is an absolute necessity to the success of this world? 

Let me guess – you’d call bulls#*t.

I know, we’ve heard it all before. We hear it and we think the person saying it is either blowing smoke or actually just describing how they feel about themselves from their detached, privileged, Instagramable pedestal. 

But friend, can I let you in on a secret? It is actually true. And can I let you in on one more? It takes a lot of rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty to let that woman rise up and step into the driver’s seat. 

The truth is, when you’re hearing someone reporting back from the other end of the treacherous journey that got them there, it sounds hollow, not only because it’s foreign, but more strikingly, because it just seems too damn good to be true.


It’s not a quick solution. It’s a way of LIFE. It is a way of living consciously, and I’m not going to try to sell it to you for even a hot sec, as something easy to attain.

It’s a journey that we take as a group. Why? Because when it comes to support there is nothing stronger and softer than the joined hands of a group of women. We come together honestly. We look at one another and say, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours – I’m talking about raw self – flaws, strengths and all the rest. I’m talking about real vulnerability. Because when we strip away the filters, great angles and perfect lighting, we all look the same. 

First we strip away the fake stuff and take a good hard look at what’s left. Then we go through a kind of audit, and decide what we want to keep and what we want to lose. Then we work at it until we have a core set of values, principles, self-knowledge and confidence, that NOTHING can knock over.

And when we look out into the world from our new sense of self, we will see women who are struggling. And we will call out to them, telling them that inside of them lives a strong, beautiful, joyful, confident woman who is an absolute necessity to the success of this world. And you know what? They’ll probably call bulls#*t. They’ll think we’re on a detached pedestal too. But with the knowledge of the journey we took to get there, we will brush it off, know it’s true and more important than anything else …

… we will keep calling anyway.


I’m a mama, wife, woman and take-it-to-the-streets loyal friend. I’m also a podcaster, writer, speaker and mentor.

The “Dr.” part of Dr. Tiffany comes from my training as a Chiropractor. I LOVE my career, and everyone who comes into my practice. I love making a difference and witnessing the transformation spinal health can bring.

So what business does a Chiropractor have being a mindset mentor? GREAT question. Glad you asked!

I spend my days bringing health and healing to the spine. It is the brain’s way of communicating with the rest of the body – so kinda important. But in my years in practice, I started to notice something.

The alignment of the spine is the foundation for health in the entire body. And the alignment of self, is the foundation for the healthy strength and beauty of the soul.

I didn’t become a Chiropractor because it’s a great job (psst! It totally is but that’s not what drew me to it). I became a Chiropractor because I am a healer and I want to get to the core of the issue every single time. I’m not looking for Bandaids, I’m looking for good health from the inside out.

I’ve seen so many families make this transformation physically. But when I decided to take my knowledge of the brain and the power that comes from proper alignment and apply it to the heart and soul? The transformation I saw come through the conversations, the coaching and the workshops, was next level and indescribable. 

Now, through my podcast, blog and Mindset Program, I can take that healing even further. It is my true joy, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking any part of what I have to offer and using it in your own transformation. It’s what I was put on this earth to do and I can’t do it without people like you. So thank you.