Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears Day – Yep, TODAY, October 13, 2015!!

I can see your eye roll, your shake of the head, your posture lowering. I can feel your “OMG, there’s no way am I going to bring that nasty thing up to the surface again.”

Facing your fears can be scary.

Or Liberating.

It can be ‘hand-cuffing’.

Or Lifechanging.

You get to choose.

Fear is just the emotion tied to the experience.

In order to release these fears, we need to acknowledge them. As painful as that can be, when you realize that this fear is from the past or is make believe (False Evidence Appearing Real), it makes it easier to accept, then let go.

What helps me is the following:

  1. Feel it. Become an observer of your thoughts. See yourself from the corner of the room, as a 3rd Journaling helps me understand where the fear came from and that it is just an emotion tied to it. It’s not real.
  2. Owning my fear. It’s mine. I’m 100% responsible for it instead (no pointing the finger at someone else).
  3. Love, trust and have confidence. Fill the void from the inside-out.
  4. Be patient. Know that it isn’t supposed to happy yesterday.

Here are a few additional resources that I have found beneficial:

Over the next two weeks I will be picking at least 4 fears out of the jar. Stay tuned to the blog for a more in-depth description on each one. I can’t wait!

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. Grab that fear by the @#$%@ and watch what happens in your life!

Dr. T

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