Focus on the 999

What do you see ? when you look at this picture?

I imagine your first thought is the same as most, “What happened to that piece?”

So when my kids walked into the room after I finally finished this puzzle (mind you, 99.9% finished) and asked the above question, I responded with “what about the other 999 pieces?”

They looked at me funny – like mom, really, it’s NOT complete. A few seconds of silence passed and they got it, they got the point…

Why do we pick out the 1 missing piece before noticing the other 999 connected pieces?

So next time when you’re talking to someone or you’re out and about noticing people, look for the pieces ? that are put together, look for the positive, look for what you’d like people to see in you. Then make it known.

Use your voice and watch how their body responds. ?

Focus on the 999.

Dr. T

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