Your Most FAQ’s Answered Here (Plus An Exciting Announcement!)

There are always a few handful of questions I get asked and so I thought this would be a great forum to share my answers to a few of these.  If you wonder about these for yourself or a loved one, read below to see how your questions can be answered.

1.  What are the most common ‘conditions’ you work with?

As much as I would like to think there are healthy people in this community, 99.9% of whom I see initially is someone seeking help with an ailment (with the exception of a newborn baby born to a mama under regular chiropractic care).  The most common things I see in my practice are: Anxiety, Depression, Allergies, Asthma, Migraines, Digestive Issues, ADD/ADHD, Colic, Reflux, Ear Infections, Colds/Flu.  There are many others, of course, but these are the most frequent and severe.  With these comes a host of physical pain and neurological symptoms but many people don’t realize how ‘good’ should feel.  I listed many symptoms so I can relate to you, but I do not like diagnosis. I feel that people become their diagnoses so I prefer not to use them.

2.  What do you really do?  How can the adjustment really change so many people’s lives?

It surely is amazing what the body can do when it is working how it is designed to.  When the lights are dim in the house, can we see very well (or at all)?  What if there are circuit breakers that are turned off that control certain parts of the body?  Can it heal?  That is the same thing that happens between the brain and the body when there is a Subluxation (dimming of the lights, circuit breaker turned off).  What, then, could happen when the adjustment restores light or turns that switch back on? If that switch controlled the hormonal system, what may happen?  What about the digestive system?  What about the brain (attention, focus)?  Anything is possible when you give your body what it needs to heal.

3.  When is the best time for my baby to be adjusted?

Before conception!  I recommend mommy and daddy to be adjusted before they are pregnant as this will give the fetus the best chance to grow and heal.  50% of our babes’ personality and disposition comes from mommy, so it is important for her to eat well, think well and move well.  It is important that she isn’t on medications, nicotine or other drugs.  It is important she is healthy in mind, body and spirit and that’s what Chiropractic does.  Onto the real question: The sooner the better.  Birth is a traumatic process that impacts the brain/spine/nervous system.  It is imperative for a family chiropractor to check your baby after birth.

4.  I feel like you’re my counselor.  Am I in the right place?

Experience has shown me that a major part of healing is sharing with someone you trust.  Building trust takes time.  Just like I stated in #1, a large majority of the women I see struggle with not feeling like they are getting what they want out of life (unsettled, anxious, sad, mad, frustrated, indecisive, etc.).  Emotional strain causes physical pain.  Every time.  To address the full scope of the problem, it is my responsibility to find out what is going on in your mind and body, then to give hope. I truly believe anyone in any situation can heal.

And FINALLY…I’ve been thinking of ways to reach more people, even if a brief session to see if Chiropractic may be able to help them.  I’m now offering 15 minute consults to those who are wondering if we may be a good fit and if Chiropractic may help, without leaving the comfort of your own home.  With a minimal fee of $19, this may be just what you need to take the first step. Email to reserve your special time.  I look forward to connecting.

Stay tuned for our awesome August “Back to School” theme.  All blogs, newsletters, internal and external events will be around kids, school, recipes, wellness cabinets, sports, and who knows what other ideas I will come up with.  If you have something that you want me to write about or share, please reply or send me an email,

Here’s to helping YOU achieve amazing health and happiness,

Dr. Tiffany

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