When will you decide that enough is enough? After 4 ear infections? 6 weeks struggling with a respiratory infection? A constant sinus infection that never goes away and it is miserable? Your 3rd antibiotic?

As a mom of a 16 and 12 year old, I have experience with the immune system. As a Pediatric Chiropractor for 11 years, I have even more experience with the immune system. No matter what I say, your situation needs to be bad enough before you make a change. You know, the “T” in the road – we either turn right or left. For some parents, the “T” happens when there is a recommendation to medicate their child. For other parents, they may hit that point after their 3rd time at the walk-in. Or their 5th medication. Or their 2nd time in the ER because their child isn’t breathing. When you come to the “T” in the road, we are here for you, (or better yet, don’t wait for the “T”)!

Choose Chiropractic for your family. Your life will never be the same. Your kids’ life will never be the same.

You will learn how the body works. And how the body heals. And what your kids need in order to be healthy and happy from the inside-out.

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