Your Legs Aren’t Giving Out – Your Head Is Giving Up

In the office this week, I asked a mom and her kids what they did last weekend and she said nonchalantly, “We were marathon-ing.”  Thinking they were just watching one, being new to ND and all, I replied with a smile. Then she said, “He ran the marathon…………………”

Ummmm, WHAT?!?!? (I said to myself & out loud).

Giving it all he has to prove he still has it all.

Giggling, she stated that since returning from war, he does it every few years to prove he has the mindset to do it. Ok, this dude isn’t the typical “marathon runner” – he manages a startup company, works long hours, doesn’t exercise (but is active daily) and isn’t on a meat/veggie food plan. On top of that, he has a beautiful wife and 3 kids waiting for him when he gets home.

Hmmph, intriguing. Running a marathon just to prove that the mind can get him through.

This isn’t necessarily what I would advise for most, but I can hear what you’re thinking, “That is dangerous, foolish & irresponsible.”

Your mind is giving in before your legs have an opportunity to give out.

You’ve been told you cannot do something, that it’s too much of a risk, that you may fail, that the timing isn’t right, and millions of other dumb things that you start to believe.Don’t listen. Be irrational. Be courageous. Be brave. Don’t follow the crowd. Make up your mind. See the possibility, not the ‘what-if’. See the opportunity, not the fear.

What if we all approached life like this man? What if we believed that there is never a physical limitation, only a psychological one. Wow, this could change your life.

This could change your world.

When I asked his WHY he said, “Being at war, seeing what I’ve seen, nothing scares me. Nothing is impossible if your mind believes it. I just need to keep testing myself to make sure I still have what it takes.”

Do you have what it takes?

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