Growth tip: Be in situations that make you feel inferior.

I don’t mean not feeling good enough.

I don’t mean having a pity party.

I don’t mean comparing yourself to everyone around you.


…challenging yourself to be better

Be around people who are doing bigger things than you are

Be in situations where they know more than you

Be involved in a group where you are not the leader, not the expert

What do you want to learn? Who do you choose to learn from? How do you want to show up differently?

Now what?

Take action. Action erases anxiety. It shuts up your “need to, have to, shoulda, woulda coulda” parts of your brain. That guilt crap will go away when you choose to do something about it.

Go to the quilting meeting. Send a message to a mentor. Learn from people smarter than you. Travel. Have lunch by yourself. Go to new exercise class. Find a mastermind group. Attend a cooking class.

Get to work, peeps…

Dr. T

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