Life Is A Song…Do You Hear the Harmony?

How often in life do we only hear the melody? You know that beautiful song being sung by that amazing musician who hits every note makes your heart flutter a bit and creates an emotional response. Do you ever listen to the accompaniment? The harmony? The part of the song that keeps the melody going, keeps it in tune, and leads the singer. Do you ever hear that?

Last week at my aunt’s funeral I had a perfect glimpse of what it takes to allow the melody to come out and for people to hear it. I saw a duo of two amazing musicians producing music and memories, while creating an emotional response by their talents. In this duet, as the cliché goes, the whole is much greater than the parts.

The energy between these two people, you should have seen it…

And the best part…it was my dad and my aunt. In all of these years of my dad singing the infamous The Lord’s Prayer and my aunt playing piano, I’ve never “watched” the accompaniment. I’ve heard it. I’ve played it. But watching, feeling and observing was a gift. The intensity and the grace. The power and the flow. The harmony and the melody. The yin and the yang.

How often in life do we just hear the melody? And forget about the harmony, the accompaniment, and everything that goes into allowing the melody to come out. Where in your life are you forgetting the people who allow you to shine? The support that make your voice come alive? The trust to that allows you to be authentic.

Pay attention to the details and the people behind the scenes who only want to make the melody louder clearer and more beautiful. Acknowledge them today, thank them for their selfless work so that your voice can be heard.


Dr. T

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