Health. Life. A Process or an Outcome?

A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. The outcome is the consequence of the series of actions taken.

Let’s say your outcome is to be stronger, lose 10% body fat and go down 2 sizes in your jeans. You did the visualization, completed your goals and objectives (daily, weekly, monthly) and started. Yay, you started! After a week or two, the excitement wears off, the “process” is boring and you aren’t able to “see” the outcome anymore.

Then come the excuses. You’re busy, you need sleep, you don’t wanna get sweaty at noon, it makes your body hurt, you don’t have time to eat after, you’re starving ALLLLL day and the list goes on…

Eventually you pretend you never even started (or so you think!). You have mental and emotional feelings about failing, quitting, not sticking to anything EVER. You have guilt and resentment about not finishing (again) and eventually those emotions transition into anger and fear. And they are downloaded into your nervous system, your brain and your body so that you keep hearing: DON’T START BECAUSE YOU NEVER FINISH.

The same is true in Chiropractic. We are more concerned about the Outcome instead of doing the work.

But I know you, I can feel you.

You have dreams for not living with chronic sickness anymore, I’ve heard you. You’re praying for a miracle for your sick kiddo because you’ve tried everything, I’ve listened through your tears. You’ve questioned God for not allowing you to conceive, I’ve held you. I know that you just want your family to be happy, healthy and whole again…

…Chiropractic is the answer.

But it’s the process, not the event. It’s the journey, not the destination. The master of healing is you, not me, and only your body knows the speed of healing and only your body knows your limitations. The only requirement is that you do the work, you commit, you show up and you observe how your body changes, how your life changes, because that’s what happens when your body starts to restore, reintegrate, reorganize, connect and create. Because it knows what it’s doing, God knows. The adjustment is the tool to facilitate healing.

So trust the process. Trust the journey. Because all we really want more of is life.

Chiropractic is LIFE.

Call us. We can get you started or find a Chiropractor near you to get started. You deserve to live life on your own terms.

Hugs and Hope from way up here in North Dakota…

Dr. T

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