Be HONEST and stop hiding from yourself.

The best way isn’t always the easiest or “funnest” or quickest way.

…but it’s still the best.

I used to cut corners a lot. Actually, maybe every corner that I could get away with!

From running a crusher and stopping just short of the finish line – to doing a half-ass job to finish first – to doing just enough work to be acceptable – to communicating ‘just enough’ so I wasn’t responsible when people didn’t fully understand.

But I realized that none of the above was actually easier. It actually created guilt and inner turmoil. And I never got better.

I’ve transitioned from ‘slow and steady’ (boring) to fast and furious (fun!) to FAST and STEADY (effective) because here’s the deal: I don’t want to cut corners to avoid the lesson; I don’t want to complete something but not be proud of my work; I don’t want to be known as “doing just enough to get the job done”.

  1. NADA. NOPE.

Get your journal out ❤ These questions have helped me:

  1. Where in your life are you cutting corners?
  2. Where in your life are you not getting the results you want?
  3. What ONE thing can you do today to course correct?

Radical honesty is required to change. And radical honesty doesn’t feel good in the beginning, but it will lead to true transparency.

The only person I was hiding from was myself.

And you’re doing the same.

Uncover your greatness one layer at a time.

Dr. T

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