Hope Defined

The #1 word we hear from patients is the word HOPE = believing that tomorrow will be better than today.

               Hope is a promise, light at the end of the tunnel, aspiration, desire, dream

A belief in HOPE, not despair.

A belief in HOPE, not broke.

A belief in HOPE, not sickness.

A belief in HOPE, not separation.

A belief in HOPE, not the lemon

Ever have a “lemon” car? It looks good on the outside, but it’s patched on the inside due to trauma, overuse, and mistreatment. It’s unsatisfactory, disappointing  and feeble.

HOPE comes from a deep-rooted belief that it can and will be better. It comes from small actions that lead to massive changes. It comes from making decisions aligned to what you’re aiming towards, not running away from. It comes from 100% responsibility that you created it, so you can get out of it. YOU, nobody else.

Lemons are bitter, thick-skinned and make you scowl.

Don’t be one.

Dr. T

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