Hope = longing for tomorrow to be different than today

Hope is a pillar in our lives. It’s everywhere, but so many people are on the cusp of losing it: loss of health, depression, marital struggles, financial crisis, grief, loneliness: yet HOPE remains.

I know.

In having my hands on people for 15 years, hope remains, yet is masked by other emotions that we allow to think, to feel, and many times TO BECOME. No matter where you are, what situation you are in, hope is the quiet feeling underneath the protective layer, the one that says to keep going. The one that says something great is around the corner. Hope is the voice, the knowing voice, that assures you will be ok, no matter the circumstance. Hope is the nudge to keep going, to make that call to take the next step.

I see you. I see through the pain, the sickness, the doubt, the sadness. I see into who you choose to be.

❤ hope is longing for tomorrow to be different than today
❤ hope takes just takes an ounce of belief
❤ hope is part of the magic of Chiropractic

Hope is in the magic, the magic of every adjustment on every person.
Magic is the part of the adjustment that isn’t calculated. Isn’t measured. Isn’t explained. Isn’t mechanical.

Chiropractic is life. It’s not low back pain.
Chiropractic is evolution. It’s not chronic sinus infections.
Chiropractic is vitality. It’s not migraines.
Chiropractic is HOPE. And above all, it is LOVE (with a helluva lotta Magic splashed in!).

Hope, Magic, and Chiropractic is the answer.

Dr. T

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