How are you?

Your likely response?


Like it’s a comparison, a race, a competition on who is busy-er. On who gets the medal today, who’s the martyr.

  • Does ‘busy’ mean MORE important? MORE popular? MORE contribution?


  • Does it mean having NO boundaries? NO ability to say no? NO courage to stand out?

Instead of falling prey to the new normal or to comparing to every Tom, Dick and Harry — remember your values. Your relationships. Your home. Your body. Your needs.

Change your words, change your actions. Decide what busy is for you – what you like and what you don’t like. What you say YES and NO to and refine if needed…

…because life is more than just busy.

A few tips:
1) instead of ‘how are you’, use a statement like “great to see you”
2) Find a new word that describes your life.  

My word is MEANINGFUL.
Dr. T

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