For better or for worse Covid-19 forced us all to go cold turkey on busy-ness.⠀

With the sudden closure OF THE WORLD, we were all forced to do a major pivot, and some with more grace than others ;). Teens were not exempt from this shift. In fact, the bulk of them have inherited our addiction to packed schedules, so the pivot was very hard on them too.⠀

Cal is back on the show today, and she shares her experience around the Covid lockdowns. ⠀

She explains about how the intensity put a spotlight on their roles within her large group of friends: The leaders rose to the challenge and kept the group connected, while some people fell off the grid. She learned the feeling of stagnation inside and out, and figured out the quickest route out of it. She was given an opportunity to audit her friendships and define her own role among them.⠀

I’m always blown away by the depth and maturity of this daughter of mine. Her main message today? Learn about your tendencies and boundaries now, BEFORE you find yourself in a crisis. When you find yourself in over your head – endure it, take the lesson and keep moving. And finally, time is precious, so be careful who you spend it with.⠀

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