“I can’t afford it!”

Whether you can or can’t, is it about money?

If you were just diagnosed with a health issue that needed immediate medical attention (time and money), would you be telling the doctors that you couldn’t afford it? NO, because your life depended on it.

If you are having marital challenges and counseling looks to be the best option for your committed family (time and money), would you tell them that you couldn’t afford it? NO, because your marriage and family depended on it.

Those decisions had to do with LIFE, your highest value. MARRIAGE, your highest priority.

Reassess your values and priorities to determine what you spend your energy on. Money is an exchange of energy so when it’s ‘worth it to you’, it isn’t about the money, but what you get in return. And if you find yourself saying that over and over, you may want to look at your money beliefs. Things like, “money doesn’t grow on trees, money follows hard work, they’re too poor to piss in a pot, money is the root of all evil”. If you choose to believe, those statements become part of your psychology and neurology. What if they weren’t true?

How would your life be different? Who would you spend your time with? What would you talk about and think about?


‘til next time

Dr. T

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