“I’m lucky, I’ve never needed a Chiropractor.” But are you?

“I’m lucky, I’ve never needed a Chiropractor.”

This statement used to make me mad. You could imagine some snarky comment under my breath to try to prove my point that it’s so.much.more.

Then I realized that people have no clue what Chiropractic is. Because everywhere you look, there’s a billboard/ad/marketing ploy on Chiropractic AND Pain. Chiropractic AND Rehab. Chiropractic and your diagnosis. So for obvious reasons, if you haven’t been in pain that limited your life, you haven’t seen a Chiropractor.

Hang with me here…

…you live your life through your brain, spinal cord and nerves = nervous system (NS)
…if your NS is not adapting to the everyday demands, stress, trauma there is Dis-EASE
…when there is dis-ease, your brain begins to respond from a place of survival instead of ease
…when your NS is in survival: heartrate increases, dilation of bronchii, digestion decreases, circulation to extremities decrease, stress responses are heightened, hormones are erratic, sleep quality decreases, and your brain begins to adapt to this stress response as its “normal”
…you live in the STRESS phase instead of a balance of STRESS and REST. Posture changes (forward), movement decreases, the brain isn’t firing for your mental, emotional, physical needs.
…how you perceive the world is now based on survival: fight or flight, defend and resist. Your right brain shuts down and your life is ran through your sympathetic nervous system – less ease with connection, creativity, love, communication, feeling. …You begin to exist in space, not thrive. Your goal is to get through the day, not make an impact. Your focus is clouded and your environment looks dim. You remember life ‘back in the day’ and realize the toll it’s taken on you

Enter Chiropractic. Objective findings. Stress response numbers. DATA.

Enter the Adjustment. Connection. Calibration. Flow. Ease. PHYSIOLOGY.

In the absence of data, we will always make up stories.

Get the data, change the brain/body physiology and watch your life change.

Chiropractic is the answer.

Dr. Tiffany

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