Naturally Improve Your Kid’s Immunity

It seems that when school starts, the ‘cold and flu season’ follows shortly after. Did you know that this isn’t caused by germs? Although being stuck inside, playing with sick kids, and not being around sunlight may not build up immunity, this is not WHY your child is sick.

Why do some children get sick and others don’t?

Because the communication between the brain and our immune system is interrupted. That interruption (subluxation) will create dis-ease in their little bodies and therefore it won’t heal how’s it’s designed to.

What can I do to help my child’s immune system?

Get their nerve system tested right away! Make an appointment with your local pediatric/family chiropractor to see if there is interference between the brain and the immune system. When this interference is relieved, that little body will start to heal how it’s designed to.

Our children weren’t created to be sick and tired. Our children weren’t created to be on multiple antibiotics. Instead, we were all created to be happy and healthy; to live life to the fullest without the use of drugs or surgery. Watch this video and send to every momma, daddy, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa you know.

My wish is that no child need to be medicated. Ever.

To good health,

Dr. Tiffany

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