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One of the favorite parts of what I do is TO GIVE HOPE. There is so much lack in the world – lack of health, lack of happiness, lack of trust. A “scarcity” mindset. It’s everywhere. Our society seems to think that being broken is normal, or at least understood. Feeling pain and dysfunction is normal. Making numerous trips to the doctor every year is normal. We are looking for the quick fix way of looking at the solution instead of finding out what caused it and reverse it.

This “lack mindset” can be sharing a goal or dream with someone, and they think of every objection that you can NOT get there. What would happen if you would give them support, hope, courage and confidence – how would that impact them? If your child has behavioral issues in school and every family member, friend, teacher and even the principal has told you that he needs medication, something different. He needs to be in a different reading group. He is “less than”.

You start to believe that. You don’t want Johnny to not fit in, to not be normal. You don’t want him to suffer. Instead, you want him to learn, to listen and to have friends that he loves and trusts, and for that behavior to be reciprocated.

You may start to look for answers outside of him. Stay on track. Find someone to care for Johnny who believes that his body is whole, the puzzle is all in there, the pieces just need to be rearranged or even found!

Today I share a powerful story of a family who found hope through chiropractic.

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