INSANE in the membrane…INSANE in the brain!

Just like an onion grows from the inside-out, healing happens that way, too. The core is the center of growth, just like our nervous system is the center of healing. So then why do we look to the outside for answers, for treatment for solutions?

If healing happens on the inside, why do we treat a rash with steroid cream? If healing happens on the inside, why do we treat sciatica with anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and pain relievers? If healing happens from the inside, why do we treat an ear infection with antibiotics? ADHD with Ritalin? Depression with Wellbutrin? Constipation with Miralax?

Our bodies are made up of 100 billion nerve cells and 100 trillion synapses. Do you think it’s important to keep it working?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results. Every day, I help people become aware of their own insanity. Here’s one example that happened this week:

Patient: I feel awful today – I’m constipated, my low back hurts, my shoulders and lower neck. Ugh, this just comes on in the middle of the night and I don’t know why.
Me: What have you eaten in the last 2 days?
Patient: Dammit! I had pizza last night. But I LOVEEEEEE pizza and I’m not going to stop eating it!
Me: Well, you will continue to feel like garbage then. Right now, your body can’t handle that pizza. The toxic load is too high so your body dives into the inflammatory process during the night. Result = pain.

Ba-da-bing. Ba-da-boom! You have the power to own it and change it.

This is not about the pizza, but how her body is healing. Think of it like a bathtub. As you fill up the tub with ‘stuff/stress’, you need to periodically lift the drain so your body heals. If you don’t lift the drain, but keep the water on, eventually it will run over. This explains why things just pop up in our health. Like when the 40yo all of a sudden gets allergies. Or 20yo bends over to pick up a pencil and blows out his back. Or a random anxiety attack? Your body is giving you signals, listen to them.

The bigger the emotional stress in the person, the more layers. The more crap you eat, the more layers. The more incongruence in your life, the more layers. The more sitting, the more layers. The layers of the onion represent the layers of life, the layers of stress.  AND…The more layers, the bigger the onion, the longer the process. And the greater the healing.

Every adjustment is the POWER switch to your nervous system and your emotional system. Don’t wait another day wondering “what if” you could get better or just hoping without action. Don’t be insane.

Find me, I will help. Chiropractic will change your life.

Dr. T

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