Judge Nothing. Forgive Everything. Love Everything.

This quote was the one in yoga last week:

Judge nothing, you will be happy
Forgive everything, you will be happier
Love everything, you will be happiest

The meditative part of yoga, the END. The part that I want to continue forever because it’s such a calm, happy, open feeling. That feeling of euphoria…that you can handle anything that comes your way with ease and love.

And then I get up and WHOOSH…the to-do’s, schedule, projects, people, kids, meals. And then I remember…

“Tiff, reset.”

I find that having a word to bring awareness to the chaos I’m creating in my own mind is beneficial. And necessary. And it eliminates more shiny balls that I had just planned to take out of my pocket because you know, they’re fun, exciting, new. (Insert “sigh” here).

What does this word and quote have to do with your life?


Let’s get to it:
Judge nothing, you will be happy

  • How often do you judge? Yourself? Your spouse? A neighbor? A stranger walking down the street? How often do you assume their life is awesome? Or not awesome.

Forgive everything, you will be happier

  • The process of letting go is deemed to be one of the most difficult. There are sayings like, “Forgive and Forget” or “You need to forgive, but not forget” or “The act of forgiveness is for YOU, nobody else” (even if you feel someone did something really bad…see the judgement?).

Love everything, you will be happiest

  • What if we started to think that everything that happens “to” us actually happens “for” us? What if there wasn’t good or bad, just lessons to show up better and bigger?

You may be asking, “Now what”?

I have a few ideas:

  • Write out all of the times you judge, yourself and others. Be aware of your thoughts but do not judge them as good or bad. They’re thoughts and the old crap is better out of you than in. Write them down, let them go. In the process, you will create massive awareness, you still step back into your physical body and start living.
  • Write down all the times that someone wronged you and you are holding on the resentment, anger, shame. Write down the times that you wronged someone and the guilt associated with that.
  • Write down the times that you withheld love, in any form. First, start with the times that you’ve withheld love from yourself.
  • And find a word that will create awareness so you can continue to live IN your body and feel all that life has to offer. 🙂

Yep, this is deep stuff, yet just the tip of the iceberg! I am starting to write more about this and help more people work through this to CREATE the life you long for and deserve (or don’t even know that you long for!).

I’ve started a group, Create Your Life, so if you want more of this, more tools, programs, ideas and a community, sign up here. I have a little gift for you as well when you sign up. 🙂

Judge nothing, you will be happy
Forgive everything, you will be happier
Love everything, you will be happiest
      – Sri Chinmoy

Love to all of you…
Dr. T

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