Which Kid Are You Raising? A or B?

a. Character, Work Ethic and Attitude

b. Talent

While coaching and watching teams the last few weeks, it is glaringly obvious which coaches and parents focus on Character, Work Ethic and Attitude. And conversely, which ones focus on Talent.


It doesn’t matter how many hours you practiced to get there or what your record was in regular season. It doesn’t matter if you are the star of the team or the role player of the team.

Never be the kid, or the parent of the kid who teaches that talent will take you places. High school coaches cut players who are talented but entitled. Talented but blame their teammates. Talented but don’t make eye contact with their coach and roll their eyes. Talented but don’t leave it out on the court. Talented but don’t work as a team.

Let’s teach our kids to come together as ONE. Teach them to represent the name and number on their jersey. Their school, their coach, their teammates. And teach them to never take it for granted because soon it will end.

  • What matters is who you are when you get on the court; more importantly who you are when the tide isn’t going your way and when the chips are down.
  • What matters is who you are when you win; more importantly who you are when you lose.
  • What matters is who you are when you make a commitment; more importantly who you are when that commitment isn’t convenient.
  • What matters is that your promise to your team is non-negotiable.

I saw this poster and it sums it up: 14 PLAYERS, 1 HEART. When we teach our kids that TEAM is more important than one person and Character, Work Ethic and Attitude are more important than Talent, we become 1 HEART.

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