About 2 weeks ago, I was journaling and working really hard trying not to “think”.  I kept feeling my wheels spinning as I continued to tell my left brain to BE QUIET!  Then I started thinking about my purpose: To Transform Lives and with that thought I felt a sense of frustration.  I continued to wonder, “Why don’t people know about Chiropractic, what Chiropractic can do for each people and how do I get out there to spread the word?”  And then it was silent.  Peaceful.  And I heard, “Don’t take NO for an answer.”  That was weird.  I was expecting a set of bullet points on things that I needed to do.  You guys are probably giggling if you know me.  I have a tendency to forget to listen or ask for guidance and just push right through it.  This is not what “Don’t take NO for an answer meant”.  I wasn’t sure what it meant yet, but have learned to trust it as it will come up.

And so it did.  Last Monday, I sent Tiffany Goldstone’s written testimonial to Andrea Larson at ND Today.  It was a random thing (well, yes, nothing is random but…).  I was sitting at my desk working on my documentation and with 20 tabs open and 10 emails I took a little break from notes.  I opened one of the emails with her testimonial attached and I thought “What the hell, let’s give ‘er a shot!”  And within a few seconds of clicking Send, the statement hit me: Don’t Take No For An Answer.

Tuesday night we received a call from Rhonda at ND Today asking Tiffany and I to come on the show Tuesday, July 1st at 9:15.  This was it, this is what I was waiting for.  This is what the community needed to hear.  This will change Chiropractic in our community.  With all of the emails, texts, facebook messages and the numerous chiropractic requests for other cities and states I’ve received, I can truly say that I feel that the message of what Chiropractic really is will get out there.

It is simple.  When a circuit breaker blows, there is a disconnect from the brain to the body (just like the disconnect in your house when the power in the kitchen goes out).  When the switch is flipped back ON, the power is restored from the brain to the body.  From there, it is even more simple.  Let God do the healing.

Please, get your circuit breaker (nervous system) checked by a Chiropractor.  No other professional is able to do what we do.  Power needs to be on in order for your body to be able to express life, health and love.  And isn’t that what life is all about?  I say YES!  Who else is on this journey with me?

These videos describe Tiffany’s story about how life can change by removing the interference (subluxation) and allowing the body to heal as it’s designed to.  If you missed it, listen.  Then share.  It will change how you think about health and it may give you or someone you love the hope they need to know that life can be different.  When there is hope, anything is possible.

Part 1

Part 2

Loving you always,

Dr. T


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