And the Medical Community Thinks WE Are Crazy?!? (pffft, whatever, insert eye roll)

I read this article a few weeks back and was a bit “wow’d” yet closed the article. Then my hubby sent it to me last week and that was my sign to write about this. Check out this stat:

According to Mayo, 88% of patients who came for a 2nd opinion to Mayo were given a different diagnosis,

Why is this ok, accepted and allowed?

And in the meantime, those same professionals and organizations are shunning (and trying to shut us down) the natural healers in the world, the ones who are using the parts we have, their innate and self-healing mechanisms to heal from the inside, with everything we were born with, nothing more and nothing less. We have medical professionals so protected that even when they make a mistake, they are covered; yet if a Chiropractor makes a mistake, they look like a fraud. We have organizations that bonus these professionals for giving prescriptions, vaccinations, and referrals because they feel we are broken and sick, yet the healers who create miracles and magic by healing the body and mind are shunned.

Is enough ever going to be enough? When will we put our foot down and take full responsibility for our health, not relying on what your insurance pays, what your doctor says and surely not a quick-fix solution? Supply and demand, people. We find solutions to problems and right now pockets are being lined with cash and lies are being told.

20 years ago, did you see this many hospitals, pediatric cancer units, autism centers, mental health institutes? Did you know of this many kids (and adults) medicated just to go to school, interact with kids, and not self-harm?

NO, the answer is NO.

We as parents and grandparents are fully responsible to be educated, find resources but most of all, spend some time thinking about your philosophy of health. Simple tips: Be patient with a fever; don’t medicate just because your doc said to while he/she gave some BS fear-mongering response; don’t vaccinate if something doesn’t feel right. They cannot tell you what you can and can’t do. Their advice doesn’t mean it’s the rule. Stand in your philosophy and make decisions based on that, not being a follower and doing whatever everyone tells you to do.

I get it. The medical world is tied to Big Pharma, connected to the Government (and $$), but if it’s ABOUT THE PEOPLE, what in the heck is going on? Stand up and be loud.


Dr. T

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