A few days after our tropical, blissful vacation a few months ago, I got “sick”. Severe stomach pain and the runs with anything that I ate or drank. Similar to the flu, but no fever and no stomach pains unless I ate.

This, for 10 days. (insert eye roll)

I was going through my internal list of what I would do. And also thought about the typical thing other people would do. I got to thinking how many people rely on an easy fix for “changing their life” and it involves people not putting in the work. Meditation, for example…

  • If I meditate, will that fix this? No.
  • If I think positive thoughts, will that fix this? No.
  • If I journal, will that fix this? No.

Are these all beneficial? Yes.
But understanding what to do when is the key.

This was a full body thing. A brain, spine, gut, toxin thing. What if your brain isn’t sending clear messages to the rest of your body? What if your spine is locked and knowing that your spine is responsible for movement, it’s also responsible for turning on the front lobe of the brain. And because the gut is the 2nd brain and controlled by the brain and the spine needs to move for the brain to fire, I was on the right track. I did what I know how: Got adjusted 3x/week. Swam every day. Rested more. Upped my dose of probiotics, HCL and fish oil. And started an elimination diet to heal my gut.


I practice meditation daily. It’s what I recommend to everyone I know, but not to “cure things”. Instead, to change your state, allowing the brain to rest/restore and dial down the fight/flight response. Now imagine if we did it all?!?

Your brain and spine are the foundation for all things LIFE. Get it checked, like your life depends on it.

Dr. T

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