It’s ok to feel bad…PROBLEMS are what you need MORE of

Problems are what we need to create clarity, to set boundaries and in the end, they create meaning.

If you’re sick of having problems, you’re stuck in your comfort zone and you’re not happy. Mark Manson says that your comfort zone is not a place of safety, but FEAR. Hmm…

                Stuck = giving away your power

We avoid things, people, situations that make us uncomfortable. But what if we actually need those things, people and situations? Life isn’t supposed to be “perfect” or how you dream it to be. Be real with yourself – anger, anxiety, fear, sadness are not necessarily bad. Yet you need to determine what those emotions are telling you. There are things we need to hear, even if we don’t want to. But if we know that every part of our life is FOR us, then the painful things we here are to benefit us, to help us.

Get out your handy dandy journal and answer these questions. They are not questions that will take you 5 minutes, but maybe days/weeks/months. Changing how you think will change your life.

  1. If your comfort zone is indeed a place of fear (not safety), what are you afraid of? Where do you think you’re the most comfortable? And now that you know comfort = fear, what is that perceived comfort telling you?
  2. What thing, if you heard it, would be so painful and so disappointing? PS – don’t be afraid to go there because this will SET YOU FREE!

Be open to grow, never give away your power, always stay out of your “fear zone”.

Dr. T

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