Pain Spurs Action

Don’t hope and pray for a life without pain. Hope and pray for a life that allows you to handle that pain, to welcome it and learn from it. When we avoid and resist, it will persist.

What is that pain that you know you need to address, to uncover, to allow in your life?

Denying your pain is denying your potential. It’s there to show you the way and show you what’s possible on the other side.

Let’s go back to a pivotal moment of pain in your life. Think back to how you felt before stepping into it and reminisce about how it felt after you conquered that pain. It took courage, trust, and an all-knowing and believing faith that the risk to stay the same was greater than the risk to change. CHANGE.

Recall the butterflies in your tummy that you swear were going to either fly out your mouth or your butt; the knots in your heart; the words in your throat that were stuck. But you persevered because you’re worth it. The pain is worth it because now you have confidence, clarity and peace. But most importantly…

…that pain changed the course of your life. It put you into action, it helped you get clear about what means the most to you and your values and it changed your life.

So why are you afraid of it?

Go get it.

Dr. T

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