A Parent’s Guide To Raising Healthy Kids

If we teach our kids that great health is possible, imagine what their adult lives will be like? Imagine how they will raise their kids?

Would they reach for quick Tylenol, Ambien or Pepto Bismol first? NO!

Rather than medicating, raising healthy kids means encouraging prevention.

To share perspective, my kids would never think of taking anything first. They come home and tell me what their health teacher said about symptoms and how to treat them. About food and how to eat. I have grown up challenging everything and this is something that I have challenged and have seen amazing results.

When evaluating your child’s health, ask them these five questions:

  1. Is my child eating and drinking well?
  2. Is my child sleeping well?
  3. Is my child pooping well?
  4. Is my child moving well?
  5. Is my child thinking well?

A symptom is your body’s way of talking to you. You don’t want to mask that, or lessen the volume of that voice by taking something. How else will you hear what your body is saying?

As parents in the rat race, we have so many excuses against meeting our child’s needs. Time, money, convenience, yet it is a parent’s duty to evaluate our children’s health.

Dr. Tiff researches how the mind-body spirit can heal without interference.



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