Chiropractic doesn’t treat anything and I don’t fix anything. When I say that, people usually look at me funny. “Ya, but I’m here for you to help”. Yes, I understand. But your body has everything it needs inside of it yet for some reason, it’s not ticking on all cylinders like we want it to be. The puzzle pieces are all there, they’re just mixed up. I can make sure that the brain is able to fully communicate to the rest of your body; I can make sure that you’re addressing the mental and emotional stressors (because they run deep) and I can help your body heal at a different level. “So when that happens (in time), I may not have these ailments?”  Quite possibly. But remember it’s not ME or it’s not CHIRO fixing you; it’s just unleashing that healing inside of you that you weren’t able to do yourself.

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