Permission Rules

Permission = Rules by someone else

Who do you ask permission from first – your best friend, spouse, kids, mom, dad, teacher, counselor, coach?

Or you?

I’ve lived many years making “kinda” decisions with the option to modify or change my opinion at any moment, depending on whose I liked more – mine, theirs or a mix of both. What started as an innocent question became an excuse to get other’s consensus, then for me to not take responsibility it wasn’t my opinion ?‍♀️ I allowed these opinions to become the coloring book lines that I called RULES. Rules not set by me and my values but someone else’s.

I colored within all the lines with gray crayon. How freaking blah blah blah. And UN-meaningful, UN-noticed, UN-fun and UN-beautiful…yet I continued. It was safe.
Until it was dangerous.

Living without sparkle, I bravely opened the box coloring of crayons. And holy sh!tsticks, there was color! Pink and red and turquoise and purple and teal and green and yellow. And I found paper without lines, rules.

THIS is how I wanted to see life, “IN COLOR” = beautiful, fun, noticeable and meaningful.

What does your picture look like? One that someone else created or YOU?
Dr. T

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